The story of Madame Jasmine

The story of Madame Lai

Established in 2017, Jasmine By The Sea follows the owner’s Vietnamese name – Madame ‘Lài’, who has been living in Nha Trang City for more than 4 decades. ‘Jasmine’ as the given name from her father – a soldier in the Southern Vietnamese Army, Madame Lài grew up purely, witnessed the Vietnamese the history times with all its ups and downs. Arrived in Nha Trang in 1975, just after the war, she felt in love with the peaceful beauty of this city and decided to settle down here. With the love of Nha Trang and the desire to bring our visitors a hearty welcome with the daily breath in a typical coastal alley, the idea of Jasmine By The Sea was brought to life.

Jasmine By The Sea apartment is a genuine and intimate destination for those wanderlust spirits who would like to relax and indulge in a residential atmosphere. Humbly located in a typical Vietnamese quiet alley, only 3 minutes’ walk to Hon Chong – the most poetry beach of Nha Trang, 10 minutes driving to the city center, Po Nagar Temple, Hot Mud I-resort and Thap Ba street food paradise, the apartment is a perfect hide away point for those who love to explore the real culture adventure by walking in the daily life of local people.

With 7 private studios, all long-stay and short-stay wanerlusts are welcomed. Should you need a quiet and calm accommodation during the visit to this beautiful city or to authentically experience the city, Jasmine By The Sea is an optimal choice.

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